Panel # Panel Name Organizer Date
P 1 Smart & Connected Cities/How Healthcare Services should be designed in a Smart City? Gülara Tırpançeker
11:00 AM
P 2 5G Panel Mustafa Ergen 4/26/2016
2:00 PM
P 3 Management of Networked Payment Systems Mehmet Ufuk Çağlayan  4/27/2016
11:00 AM
P 4 Managing Hyperconnected Entities - but how? Marc-Oliver Pahl 4/27/2016
4:00 PM
P 5 Fully agile, carrier-grade telco NFV – science fiction or tomorrow’s reality? Danny Raz 4/28/2016
11:00 AM

Panel 1
Title: Smart & Connected Cities/How Healthcare Services should be designed in a Smart City?
Abstract: Healthcare delivery is an integral part of any smart city design. Policy decision makers are increasingly considering how emerging disruptive technologies in healthcare can help design even smarter cities. Mobile and distributed care, remote patient monitoring, technology driven home care, personalized medicine, data driven health, big data, wearables and internet of things will be discussed to find out how ICT will affect healthcare and smart city designs of the future.
Moderator: Dr. Cenk Tezcan (Co-founder of BeWell, B-Wise and B-Engaged)
Uygar Doyuran (General Manager GE Digital Turkey)
Afşar Akal (Associate Partner IBM Watson Health Turkey and MEA)
Dr. Serkan Türkeli (Lecturer ITU Control and Automation Engineering Department)
Assist. Prof. Dr. Yeşim Aydın Son (METU Head of Health Informatics Department)


Panel 2
Title: 5G
Abstract: Discussions will include the technologies and trends in next-generation 5G wireless communications and present how to accelerate research and validate results using the latest hardware and software technologies that are already present in the operators. Industry experts will share their vision for 5G with presentations covering topics including new 5G accelerator centers, impact of new physical layers such as massive MIMO, beamforming or millimeter wave to operator networks. They will also address how they see SDN and NFV and transformation strategies in their upcoming deployments. Finally, the discussion will be on what management capabilities are expected for 5G.
Moderator: Mustafa Ergen (Assoc. Prof., Koç University / Founder and Chairman, Misone)
Ömer Fatih Sayan (President, Information and Communication Technologies Authority)
Coşkun Şahin (Chief Technology Officer, Türk Telekom)
Hasan Süel (Chief External Affairs Officer, Vodafone)
Gediz SEZGİN (Chief Network Technologies Officer, Turkcell) 


Panel 3
Title: Management of Networked Payment Systems
Abstract: Integration of payment systems to network and communication technologies, mobile platform offerings to payment systems, new generation NFC, card payment systems and security. Subtopics will be as, Trends of Card Payment Systems, NFC technology and HCE cards, Smart Card Payment Systems in Smart Cities, State of Mobile Payments – winners and losers, Biometric solutions and secure authentication in mobile financial services.
Moderator: Mehmet Ufuk Çağlayan (Prof, Bosphorus University)
Sinem Altuncu (Chief Financial Officer, Cardtek)
Orkun Pulular (Card Payment System Manager, Softtech)
İzge Cengiz (Product & Proposition Manager, Monitise)
Murat Karabatur (Head of Mobile Solutions, Ölçsan)

Panel 4

Title: Managing Hyperconnected Entities - but how?
Abstract: More and more entities allow remote management. This observation applies within the Network Management (NM) community and outside it. The sphere where the use of NM methodologies and tools can be beneficial expands. Recent examples such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Software Defined Networking (SDN), and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) bring challenges and opportunities to the field. Major challenges are caused by the increased interconnectivity of entities, their increased functional diversity, their increased amount, and their increased protocol heterogeneity. Major opportunities arise by adapting well-understood mechanisms and tools from the NM domain to new applications.
We want to discuss with you, if, why, and how facing new challenges requires adapting and extending existing NM methodologies. We want to discuss which opportunities can be created and which circumstances ideally have to be met.
Who provides what, where, in which way, and when in the future?
We are looking forward to discussing about managing hyperconnected entities with you!
For more information on this panel visit:
Twitter: @hyperqna
Moderation: Marc-Oliver Pahl (Technische Universität München)
Alexander Clemm (Cisco Systems)
Hanan Lutfiyya (University of Western Ontario)
Svan van der Meer (Ericsson)
Henning Sanneck (Nokia Networks)
Burkhard Stiller (University of Zurich and ETH Zurich)
Nur Zincir-Heywood (Dalhousie University)

Panel 5

Title:  Fully agile, carrier-grade telco NFV – science fiction or tomorrow’s reality?
Abstract: Telecommunication services are evolving from being hardware-centric today to largely software-based services that can be deployed, updated or deleted in minutes or hours.  Time to market, cost, reliability and operational simplicity of these NFV solutions will determine market success. Creating and managing carrier-grade,  agile, software-based services is a very challenging task that calls for a new models and paradigms where operators and network equipment vendors work in much closer collaboration developing, managing, and operating the services.  The panel will address this important and relevant issue by presenting different and possibly conflicting views of the vendors, the operators, and the academic researchers.

Moderation: Danny Raz (Bell Labs, Nokia)
Markus Brunner (Swisscon)
Prosper Chemouill (Orange)
Raouf Boutaba (University of Waterloo)
Fabio Pianese (Nokia)