Dissertation sessions

Session # Papers Date
DS1:  Clouds and Data Centers Management of Customizable Software-as-a-Service in Cloud and Network Environments
Hendrik Moens (Ghent University - Belgium),
Bart Dhoedt (Ghent University - Belgium),
Filip De Turck (Ghent University - iMinds - Belgium)

Resource Management of Replicated Service Systems Provisioned in the Cloud
Mathias Bjoerkqvist (IBM Research - Zurich - Switzerland),
Robert Birke (IBM Research Zurich Lab - Switzerland),
Walter Binder (University of Lugano - Switzerland)

Workload Interleaving with Performance Guarantees in Data Centers
Feng Yan (College of William and Mary - USA),
Evgenia Smirni (College of William and Mary - USA)
11:00 AM
DS2: Restoration, Orchestration, and Search Dynamic Virtual Network Restoration with Optimal Standby Virtual Router Selection
Xuan Liu (University of Missouri-Kansas City - USA),
Deep Medhi (University of Missouri-Kansas City - USA)

Distributed Smart Space Orchestration
Marc-Oliver Pahl (Technische Universität München - Germany),
Georg Carle (Technical University of Munich - Germany),
Gudrun Klinker (Technische Universität München - Germany)

A Bottom-Up Approach to Real-Time Search in Large Networks and Clouds
Misbah Uddin (KTH - Sweden)
2:00 PM