Demo session

# 26 April – Tuesday
1 Demonstrator for Adaptive SON Management
-    Lars Christoph Schmelz (Nokia Networks)
-    Simon Lohmüller (University of Augsburg)
-    Sören Hahn (Technische Universität Braunschweig)
-    Dario Götz (atesio GmbH)
2 Exploring Security Vulnerabilities of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
- Nils Rodday (University of Twente)
- Ricardo Schmidt (University of Twente)
- Aiko Pras (University of Twente)
3 ITSA: Internet Traffic Statistics Archive
- Martijn Hoogesteger (University of Twente)
- Ricardo Schmidt (University of Twente)
- Aiko Pras (University of Twente)
4 Demo: AirNet in action
-    Messaoud Aouadj (IRIT, University of Toulouse)
-    Emmanuel Lavinal (University of Toulouse, IRIT)
-    Thierry Desprats (IRIT, Paul Sabatier University)
-    Michelle Sibilla (Paul Sabatier university)
5 GENCROBAT: Efficient Transmission and Processing of the Massive Genomic Data
-    Mahmut Samil Sagiroglu (Erlab Technologies)
-    Oguzhan Kulekci (Istanbul Technical University)
6 An application of real-time micro-location updates for event management industry
-    TANER YUKSEL (Infonomi)
-    Basar Oztaysi (Istanbul Technical University)
-    Nermin Sarifakioglu (infonomi)

# 27 April – Wednesday
1 Online Experts for Admission Control in SDN
-    Stefano Paris (Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.)
-    Jérémie Leguay (Huawei, France Research Center)
-    Lorenzo Maggi (Huawei Technologies)
-    Moez Draief (Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.)
-    Symeon Chouvardas (Huawei Mathematical and Algorithmic Sciences Lab)
2 Managing NFV using SDN and Control Theory
-    Nabeel Akhtar (Boston University)
-    Ibrahim Matta (Boston University)
-    Yuefeng Wang (Boston University)
3 A Non-disruptive Automated Approach to Update SDN Applications at Runtime
-    Antonio Marsico (CREATE-NET)
-    Roberto Doriguzzi Corin (CREATE-NET)
-    Matteo Gerola (CREATE-NET)
-    Domenico Siracusa (CREATE-NET)
-    Arne Schwabe (University of Paderborn)
4 Energy-efficiency Enablers and Operations in Software-Defined Environments
-    Stuart Clayman (University College London)
-    Lefteris Mamatas (University of Macedonia)
-    Alex Galis (University College London)
5 Dynamic Load Management for IMS Networks Using Network Function Virtualization
-    Kaan Dandin (Ozyegin University)
-    Gunes Karabulut Kurt (Istanbul Technical University)
-    Ibrahim Hokelek (TUBITAK BILGEM)
6 Evaluation of Load Balancing in OpenFlow-enabled Switches
-    Hakan Selvi (Bogazici University)
-    Engin Zeydan (AVEA)
-    Gurkan Gur (Bogazici University)
-    Fatih Alagöz (Bogazici University)

# 28 April Thursday
1 BIGAP -- A Seamless Handover Scheme for High Performance Enterprise IEEE 802.11 Networks
-    Sven Zehl (TU Berlin, Telecommunication Networks Group)
-    Anatolij Zubow (TU Berlin)
-    Adam Wolisz (Prof. at Technical University of Berlin, Telecommunication Network group)
2 A Simulation Tool for Evaluating the Constraint-Based Allocation of Storage Resources for Multi-Tenant Cloud Applications
-    Pieter-Jan Maenhaut (Ghent University)
-    Hendrik Moens (Ghent University)
-    Bruno Volckaert (University of Ghent)
-    Veerle Ongenae (Ghent University)
-    Filip De Turck (Ghent University - iMinds)
3 Real-time Analysis of NetFlow Data for Network Traffic Statistics Generation using Apache Spark
-    Milan Cermak (Masaryk University)
-    Tomas Jirsik (Masaryk University)
-    Martin Lastovicka (Masaryk University)
4 Streaming Alarm Data Analytics For Mobile Service Providers
-    Engin Zeydan (AVEA)
5 On-demand Dynamic Network Service Deployment over NaaS Architecture
-    Amina Boubendir (Orange Labs / Télécom ParisTech)
-    Emmanuel Bertin (Orange Labs)
-    Noëmie Simoni (Telecom Paris Tech)